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Hi, I’m aschmitz. I’m a person.

I like solving problems.

A problem that a few hours with Google didn’t solve? Yes, please. A constrained environment, only a few tools, and a specific task? Sounds fun.

I like helping people.

I run, host, or support the websites of several non-profit organizations such as ETS/NW. I make many of the things I’ve done available as open source software, so that others can use and build upon them. (They’re in many different places, but for a start, check out my GitHub page.)

For other things I’ve done, you can take a look at things like GraphSketch (does exactly what it says on the tin), and Calcsy (a tool to help teachers display a calculator screen on a computer or projector).

I do a lot of things.

I specialize in computers and mathematics, but that doesn’t mean I only do those things. I’m a certified high school math teacher, and keep up with various education-related developments. I also have fun playing with electronics, building things, and pursuing a number of other hobbies, especially where problem-solving is involved.

In the fields of computers and math, I do everything from low-level assembly programming (even some FPGA development for fun) all the way up through protocol handling to high-level development in languages like Ruby, and beyond to software and system engineering. I’m also interested in the application of mathematics both to cryptography and common problems in everyday life.

I’m reasonably good at what I do.

I've won awards for programming, completed all kinds of tasks in a short time or with constrained resources, and done some supposedly impressive things. What matters most to me, however, is whether I'm satisfied with the work that I've done. And I am.

I’m around.

I can be found online on my personal website at lardbucket.org (when it's running), where there's a blog which is usually up to date with the major new public things I've done, but rarely receives other updates. I also occasionally post to my Twitter account, @aschmitz, or, more recently, on the Fediverse.

If somehow that's not enough, my about me page has more information than you ever wanted.